Submission Guidelines:

We strive to make Southern Owl a publishing house which offers quality books in multiple genres. Our authors will receive above and beyond support and service. We specialize in eBook sales, but we also offer print books. Southern Owl is always looking for talented authors to join our team.

We are always open to new submissions and we also consider reprints if you have exclusive rights. We also welcome previously self-published work.

*We do not co-publish books.

Approximate response time to submission: Current publishing timeline is Three Months.

We are currently seeking books with a story length 30,000 words or greater. Shorter books will be considered if they are part of a series or can be connected to another larger work. We strive to combine related works under one cover to maximize price and promoting advantages. Exceptions include: comic books.

No submission will be accepted that demeans an individual or a group of people.

Taboos include:
1.    Incest
2.    Pedophilia
3.    Necrophilia
4.    Bestiality, this does not include shape shifters
5.    Rape as titillation


We are accepting submissions for the following genres:

Erotic Romance
Contemporary Western
Mainstream Romance


We also accept books in the following categories:
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
New Adult
Young Adult
Science Fiction
Children’s Books
Non-Fiction including Cook Books


How to Submit

Submissions must be submitted online through the button that says Submissions on our website

In the cover email include: your name, pen name and email address. Specify genre and finished word count.

Please send three chapters of manuscript.

Manuscripts must be formatted with 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font – we prefer single spaced.

The file must be in Word DOC or RTF format.

All illustrations must be in JPEG at 300dpi high quality.

- Editing for each book


- Formatting


- Ebook Cover


- Paperback Wrap Covers


 - Support/Advice/Instruction


We will never change your books story.

Southern Owl Publications has a staff of editors but you must have your book proofed by several skilled persons to assist in catching typos and grammatical errors. Your book must be as polished editorially as possible.

Southern Owl Publications takes pride in providing the best overall experience.

Southern Owl Publications has an experienced staff that is energetic and willing to provide unparalleled customer service to our team of authors to assist them in producing the best books on the market.

Your Editor: Genevieve Scholl

Your Formatters: Genevieve Scholl & Crystal Gauthier

Cover Artist: Genevieve Scholl or Subcontractor

You can find us at:


Our eBooks are available in the Kindle format (KDP), and distributed by both KDP and Draft2Digital. We utilize all Amazon exclusive perks.
Print books are produced through Createspace or KDP, and can be made available through several sellers.

We can provide you with promotional services that no other online publisher offers!

Promouvoir Promotional services include:

Social Media Promoting on: 

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CoPromote, Google +, LinkedIn, & Pinterest, Reddit

Author Interview

Provide special announcements for your events, book signings etc.

Host an author event especially for you & 

Provide Takeovers for your event. (two times per year)

Blog Tour or Author Video


NOTE: We do not charge an initial promotional fee. However, we do have a package with our Subsidiary company Dark Owl Promotions that you are welcome to purchase of $400 usd, onetime fee per year. It will remain in effect for one year and continue so long as you continue to use our services. Please be sure you understand that this fee is to promote your book once it has been published by us. To see all we do to promote your book please go to the website: and email:


NOTE:  We do not charge a fee unless your book does not sell with your help.

If after 90 days of being published and promoted by Southern Owl,  your book does not sell we will charge $200.00 for loss of royalties fee. You will need to have a social media presence to sell your book. If you do not help your own book get sales, then we cannot help you. 

We receive 25% of Royalties earned off each book. 






Social Media Promoting on: 

*Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CoPromote, Google +, LinkedIn, & Pinterest, Reddit

*Author Interview

*Provide special announcements for your events, book signings etc.

*Host an author event especially for you & 

*Provide Takeovers for your event. (two times per year)

*Blog Tour or Author Video


- Editing for each book


- Ebook Cover 


- Paperback Wrap Covers


FOR NEW SOUTHERN OWL AUTHORS - Amazon sends out a NEW authors royalty earnings statement approx 60 to 90 days after your book releases. They send us a report of earnings. Then we send a copy of it to you in an email. Then we send a check to you or send to your PayPal (if you have one), stating what it is for. After your initial waiting time. You will get paid the end of every month if you have book sales. All other venues we sell your books too send us a report also. If you do not sell books in those venues you will not get a report. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PAY ROYALTIES UP AND UNTIL THE 20th of the Month of The Last 90 Quarter.

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