We can add these services on to 


or provide separately.



1.) Social Media Promoting on - 


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CoPromote, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram &       Pinterest, MeWe,, Viadeo and more.


2.) Author Interview (on all our pages even blog).


3.) Provide special announcements for your events, book signings etc.


4.) We'll host an author event especially made for you.


5.) Promouvoir Provides Takeovers for your event (two times per year).


6.) Promouvoir will assist in planning/organizing your allotted blog tours and giveaways.


7.) Promouvoir creates especially made book teasers, for each book published with us.


8.) Author and or Book Videos, GIFS (15 second creative marketing videos), Book Teasers, Book Trailers and Author Logos will be designed especially to showcase your individual personality and book genre.


9.) Sharing and Posting daily on our specialized marketing applications.


10.) Promouvoir will create your author page on our promotional website: The Owl Branch Book Promotions.


11.) We also provide specialized media packets, which will simplify author spotlights.


Angela - Promotional Assistant 

Below are a few examples of the creative marketing that we offer for published clients with Dark Owl Promotions.

(Creative marketing ideas are always growing and we are not limited to these marketing ploys. We accept any ideas you may have to get your book exposure. Anything you see listed below is subject to be created upon the authors approval and discretion.)


* Create images for table top banners, business cards, stickers banners, etc.

* Create professional looking banners for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and more.

* Professional graphic teasers featuring your published works. (Graphic teasers are representations that help promote your book.)

* Custom designed Gifs (15 second videos), short author promotional videos and book trailers. 

* Professional sign up sheets created to tailor your promotional needs.

* Author logo.

* If you do not see a promotional idea listed that you feel would help showcase your work, please feel free to ask what else SOP can do for you.

Southern Owl Publications, LLC –






- Silver Package is only Social Media coverage and an author Interview on our blogs. We are being strongly asked to do more than we offer and that cannot happen any longer. We will not do any more work than what is offered in the package you purchase. $220.00 per year or $20.00 Per month


- Gold Package is only Social Media Coverage, Author Interview, 2 Book Teasers. $330.00 per year or $30.00 per month


- Platinum Package is only Social Media Coverage, Author Interview, 3 Book Teasers, Blog Event, Facebook Event, Video trailer about book(s). $440.00 per year or monthly $40.00

- Deposit of 30% on yearly packages

- There will no longer be a yearly fee offered for PA services. Only monthly. $50.00



- 3 promo pics $17, ebook cover $35, ebook cover plus wrap $70. 30 days posting to 250+ FB groups $35, with 3 promo pics $45, 30 days twitter with proms $35, Twitter and FB for 30 days $55 includes 3 promo pics, full-year promotion $250 to FB and Twitter.


Policy changes:

- Deposits are now MANDATORY

- Business hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, no exceptions - weekends we are not open.

- We will not do any more than what we are paid for in your individual services.

- No more trade, discounted services or free services.

- We ask you to let us know of upcoming events, releases, cover reveals and sales as soon as you know. We cannot hunt you down and keep asking, you must let us know. If you do not let us know and pop it to us in a message the day or hour of it happening we will not post it.



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