A 2017 Poetry Collection - Feelings and Words My life experiences and perseverance has to lead me to a pathway of other interests. My primary being writing poetry. At the age of 38, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia which affected my body and mind. already had a lung condition I asked my self why? The answer was clear, I was strong, had perseverance, and would win this battle till the bitter end. and was not ready to have anything let me down. I turned it around, what may have torn me apart became my art a lesson into a blessing. After soul searching I have decided to write an open book where the road to serendipity ends, with feelings and words, combining an intangible into tangible my poems are divided into the section. Speaking of love, sorrow, war, friendship, nature, family and more. all poems are divided into sections.for you the reader my book is about giving, true to life proses which could encompass a difference, nurturing the heart, feeling a sense of freedom, the soul speaks, with its whisper we listen as I did. reflecting on my own life, may you have a similar experience never looking back. Appreciating all which surrounds with enlightenment and mystique. I stopped dreaming of my life but lived my dream, May my book gives you a sense of freedom in your lives May you enjoy reading as I have enjoyed writing for you regards Rita Marie Recine


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