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Robert Osborn and Monica Thomas Osborn are co-authors of the fiction fantasy series "Seeds of Eden" and "Chronicles of the Shadow Prince". Robert grew up in a small northeastern Louisiana town near the Mississippi River called St. Joseph. Well before he finished high school, he was working full time at a local supermarket and chose to start a family. Eventually, he was blessed with two sons and a daughter. 
Over time his work moved to the railroad, a short time as a ferry boat deckhand and finally 28 years as a marine supervisor for the offshore drilling industry. After suffering from exposure to mold in one of his work locations, he retired on disability starting in 2004.
In 1986 he started writing, using the old staples, a pencil and a typewriter. Family pressure for time eventually ended his initial writing attempts and he put it aside until 2006. Unable, financially to stay at home on disability, he resumed work as a marine consultant. Still troubled with health issues and family stress, he moved to Kentucky in 2008. 
In Kentucky, he resumed writing when work allowed. He continued to work as a consultant until 2015 when the downturn in the oil industry ended his work assignments.
He published his first book in 2011. His second book in 2013 and so on. He met Monica Thomas in 2008 and they were married in 2014. Currently, they live in Southern Indiana. He works part time and continues to write, having completed four books in the "Seeds of Eden" series and eight books in the "Chronicles of the Shadow Prince" Series.

Monica Thomas Osborn is co-author of the "Seeds of Eden", and "Chronicles of the Shadow Prince" series. She was raised in Northern Indiana on a large family farm. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Evansville and completed her RN degree and later attended Western Kentucky University, completing her bachelor of science in nursing.
Her work career initially included working in all areas of surgery and eventually she moved into the management arena. She currently works as a hospital regulatory consultant. 
She is a nurse by profession but an artist by heart. Her hobbies are painting and all areas of fiber artistry. She also enjoys beading, sewing, gardening and cooking. 

Monica is responsible for nearly all the book covers for the two series, having painted them before they were turned into covers. She continues to provide support and editing assistance for their books.

Monica Thomas Osborn

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